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Bronze Lead & Fine Metal Cleaning

Our sincere thanks to Rupert Harris Conservation London on behalf of whom we carried out the following bronze cleaning work.

Above Wellington Arch is "Peace in her Quadriga" one of the the largest bronze sculptures in Europe and estimated to weigh 40 tonnes.  It was one of artist and scupltor Adrian Jones most important works and stands on Hyde Park roundabout in London.
A closer view of the sculpture
Closer still you see the detail and the scale of things
Occasionally you find something particularly interesting.  We uncovered these names when removing the wax and dirt from the wings of the main figure.  They are believed to the men who erected her on this spot. 
 quadriga-07.jpg  quadriga-05.jpg  
The model for the young charioteer was Adrian Jones son. 
 quadriga-06.jpg  quadriga-14.jpg  
A team of four bronze horses several times life size pull the chariot.  Adrian Jones was a qualified veterinarian and excelled at producing equine figures.
 quadriga-12.jpg  quadriga-09.jpg  
Views of the rear of the chariot carrying banners breastplates cannon and other spoils of war.
A wheel of the chariot can be seen covered with fine calcite dust from the cleaning process
The exposed axle of the chariot shows the steel armatures used to brace and strengthen.  These needed to be thoroughly cleaned repaired and painted for protection.
This is the inside of "Peace" the Quadriga's main figure.  This steel structure supports the bronze figure and needed to be cleaned, repaired and given long term protection with a modern coating system.  Squeezing our way up inside we were working in an extremely confined space.
 london-troops-memorial-1.jpg  london-troops-memorial-3.jpg  london-troops-memorial-4.jpg
Working on the The London Troops Memorial outside the Bank of England.
 mai-wan-lion-5.jpg  mai-wan-lion-3.jpg  
The Mai Wan Lion looks pretty fierce,.
 green-college-oxford-2.jpg  green-college-oxford-1.jpg  
 This copper Atlas stands at the top of the Royal Observatory in Oxford. 
 Queen Alexandra's Statue outside St Paul's Cathedral London
 The main bronze figure of at the Peace fountain in London 
 rodin-1.jpg  rodin-2.jpg  
The Burghers of Calais (Les Bourgeois de Calais) by Auguste Rodin.  
 rodin-3.jpg  rodin-4.jpg  
 Many years of hardened wax is gently removed by us.
 rodin-5.jpg  rodin-6.jpg  rodin-7.jpg
The sculpture's base patina is carefully revealed and there's no mistaking the name of the artist 
It may only be cleaning to us but its clearly an event of some importance as the "Blue Peter" team put in an appearance and Rupert Harris shows Konnie how it's done.
 The Clock Tower in Brighton
 brighton-01.jpg  brighton-02.jpg  
Brighton's landmark Clock Tower undergoing refurbishment.  Our job is to carefully remove all the corrosion from each individual copper leafed tile.
Some sites are just too busy to be able to work around during the day and so work on the War Memorial at Paddington Station which stands immediately adjacent to the First Class lounge was carried out at night. 

The memorial following cleaning by ourselves and and re-patination by Main Contractors Rupert Harris Conservation.  Our sincere thanks to Rupert for the opportunity to have worked on these projects.


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